"A Great Italian Restaurant, Reasonably Priced."

Hello Lunch Coordinator


Established in 1983, Chianti café has offered wholesome

delicious Italian cuisine for a reasonable price.


We use only fresh pasta and ingredients and

make all of our sauces from scratch.


Our location has catered to school lunch programs,

sport teams and special events for over 15 years.


Our lunch programs are simple, cost effective and

require minimal effort and time for your staff.


We will deliver individual or group trays on time,

to your door with any extras that you need.

Be aware that there is a minimum of 150 orders for delivery.


Choose from the following:


1-Fusilli Tomato Sauce


2-Penne Cream Sauce


3-Penne Butter Sauce



Choose from 2 sizes:


$4.00 for K-6 graders


$6.00 for 7-9 Graders



We deliver to your door.

Orders include cutlery with napkins.

Minimum of 150 orders for delivery.



Please contact us for more information,

pricing and scheduling.


Thank you,


Steve or Shane


Chianti Cafe & Restaurant

300, 20 Crowfoot Crescent NW

Calgary, Alberta, T3G 2P6


Phone: 403-547-5020

Fax: 403-547-2035




CHIANTI CALGARY CROWFOOT ~ 300, 20 Crowfoot Crescent NW, Calgary Alberta, T3G2P6 ~ Phone: 403.547.5020 Fax: 403.547.2035