"A Great Italian Restaurant, Reasonably Priced."






Gluten Free Options Available





Calamari ~ 11.00

lightly floured & fried


Zucchini Fritti ~ 10.50

fried breaded zucchini


Cozze ~ 12.00

mussels in a lemon, garlic wine sauce OR tomato sauce


Bam Bam Shrimp ~ 10.00

tempura prawns served with a creamy chipotle dip


Mozza in Carroza ~ 9.50

fried breaded mozzarella cheese


Fonduta ~ 11.00

baked cream cheese, shrimp, artichoke & green onion dip

served with garlic focaccia bread


Bruschetta ~ 4.50 / 8.00

chopped tomatoes, garlic & basil served with focaccia


Lumache Al Cognac ~ 8.00

snails sautéed in a cognac garlic sauce


Gamberi ~ 11.25

jumbo prawns in a garlic wine sauce


Yen Alla Prawns ~ 11.25

prawns, green onions, garlic butter & cream sauce


Ravioli Bites ~ 10.50

fried cheese ravioli with sour cream and tomato sauce


Arancini ~ 10.50

fried rice balls stuffed with button & porcini mushrooms, mozzarella & parmesan cheese


Italian Flatbread ~ 12.00

thin flatbread brushed with garlic, olive oil & pesto topped with

roasted red peppers, black olives, cherry tomato, artichokes & feta cheese

diced chicken, baby shrimp

or traditional homemade Italian sausage $5 each*




Garlic Toast ~ 3.00


Cheese Toast ~ 4.00


Focaccia Sticks (2) ~ 1.00


*First basket of focaccia is complementary; Any additional baskets will be charged accordingly*






Insalata Di Caesar ~ 6.50 / 9.25

traditional Chianti recipe for over 30 years


Insalata Di Spinaci ~ 6.50 / 9.25

spinach, mushrooms, bacon & parmesan cheese


Insalata Mista ~ 6.00 / 8.00

mixed salad with our signature house dressing


Insalata Salmone Feta ~ 16.00

mixed salad, artichokes, asparagus, baked salmon,
feta cheese & our signature house dressing


Pollo Spaghetti Squash ~ 16.00

traditional Chianti recipe for over 30 years






Napoletana ~ 14.00

authentic homemade tomato sauce


Bolognese ~ 15.00

homemade tomato meat sauce


Alla Matriciana ~ 15.50

bacon & onions in tomato sauce


Con Polpette ~ 15.50

authentic homemade italian meatballs in tomato meat sauce


Alla Carbonara ~ 15.50

bacon, eggs, butter and parmesan (dry or creamy)


Alla Can ~ 15.50

diced chicken, roasted red peppers, onions and carrots
in a sweet & spicy chilli sauce






Della Nonna ~ 15.50

potato dumplings & mushrooms in tomato meat sauce


Pomodoro or Al Pesto ~ 14.75

potato dumplings in tomato sauce or pesto cream sauce






Al Pacifico ~ 15.50

smoked salmon, onions, peas, sundried tomatoes

tossed in olive oil with garlic


Giardiniera Con Pollo ~ 15.50

fresh vegetables, diced chicken in a creamy basil sauce


Campesino ~ 15.50

sun dried tomato, pineapple & chicken in a creamy curry sauce


Sicilian ~ 15.50

traditional homemade italian sausage,

onions & mushrooms in a curry tomato sauce


Primavera ~ 15.50

fresh vegetables sautéed in garlic butter & tomato sauce






Salute ~ 15.50

mushrooms, onions, peas & chicken in a black bean sauce


Pepperonata ~ 15.50

baby shrimp, black olives, roasted red peppers

& spinach in a creamy dill sauce


Vongole ~ 15.50

baby clams in a lemon garlic wine sauce


Marinara ~ 15.50

baby shrimps & baby clams in a tomato sauce or cream sauce


Mare E Monte ~ 15.50

scallops, mushrooms & peas in a garlic cream sauce


Kitsilano ~ 15.50

traditional homemade italian sausage, mushrooms

& green peppers in a tomato sauce


Puttanesca ~ 15.50

anchovies, capers, black olives, tomato

& pepperoncini peppers in a tomato sauce






Alfredo ~ 14.50

creamy parmesan sauce


Alfredo with Chicken or Shrimp ~ 15.50

creamy parmesan sauce


Supremo ~ 15.50

scallops & smoked salmon in a creamy curry alfredo sauce


Chianti ~ 15.50

prosciutto ham & mushrooms in creamy alfredo sauce


Carciofi ~ 15.50

spinach fettuccine, diced chicken, artichokes, roasted
red peppers & spinach in a basil cream sauce


Du Chef ~ 15.50

spinach fettuccine, smoked salmon & mushrooms

in a creamy basil alfredo sauce


Fiorentina ~ 15.50

spinach fettuccine & diced chicken in a basil tomato sauce


Athena ~ 15.50

spinach fettuccine, traditional homemade Italian sausage, roasted red peppers,

tomato & spinach in an oregano & creamy feta cheese sauce






Alla Panna ~ 15.25

creamy parmesan alfredo sauce


Bolognese ~ 15.50

homemade tomato meat sauce


Alla Chipotle ~ 15.50

cherry tomato, roasted red peppers

& spinach in a creamy chipotle sauce


Romanoff ~ 15.50

bacon & mushrooms in a creamy tomato sauce




Cheese Ravioli


Al Pomodoro ~ 15.00

authentic homemade tomato sauce for over 30 years


Con Van ~ 15.50

crab meat, mangos & green onions in a creamy curry sauce


Mediterranea ~ 15.50

artichokes, black olives, sun dried tomato, capers, feta
 cheese & spinach in lemon garlic white wine oregano sauce


Formaggio ~ 15.50

blue cheese, mozzarella & parmesan cheese in alfredo sauce




Baked Pastas


Lasagna al Forno ~ 15.50

layers of fresh pasta with beef & parmesan cheese

baked in a meat sauce with béchamel cream & mozzarella


Cannelloni ~ 15.50

rolled pasta filled with veal, vegetables & mozzarella cheese

baked in a tomato sauce with béchamel cream




Pasta and Veal


Vitello Alla Parmigiana ~ 20.00

breaded veal with capicola ham & cheese in a tomato sauce served with spaghetti napoletana


Combinazione Della Casa ~ 22.00

cannelloni, spinach fettuccine alfredo & veal parmigiana






Salmon Con Gamberoni ~ 22.00

baked salmon with prawns, capers, onions & mascarpone cheese in a creamy wine sauce,

served with cheese ravioli, roasted red peppers in garlic and olive oil


Salmon Frutti Di Mare ~ 22.00

baked salmon topped with scallops, prawns & fresh tomato in a

pesto cream sauce or lemon garlic wine sauce served with house vegetables


Salmon Dela Festa ~ 22.00

baked salmon with scallops, peaches & pears in a

coconut curry cream sauce served with house vegetables


Basa Al Goung ~ 21.00

a delicate white fish with prawns & fresh tomatoes in a

creamy dill sauce with spinach fettuccine napoletana


Modigliani ~ 24.00

crab meat, prawns, scallops, mussels, peas & fresh tomatoes

in a curry cream sauce served over linguini


Cioppino ~ 24.00

calamari, prawns, scallops, clams & mussels in a
pesto tomato sauce served over linguini


Gamberi Al Aglio ~ 21.00

prawns in fresh garlic, cream & tomato sauce served over linguini


Gamberi De Niro ~ 22.00

scallops, prawns, pineapple, spinach & fresh tomato in a grand marnier,

pesto curry cream sauce with penne tossed with roasted red peppers, garlic & butter


Basa Al Limone ~ 18.50

a delicate white fish with green onions & roasted garlic in a

lemon wine sauce served with house vegetables






served with house vegetables


Vitello Marsala ~ 18.50

veal medallions in marsala demi-glaze sauce


Vitello Alpino ~ 20.00

veal medallions with capers, mushrooms & onions
in a dijon mustard cream sauce


Vitello Con Funghi ~ 20.00

veal medallions in a fresh mushroom sauce


Vitello Al Limone ~ 18.50

veal medallions sautéed in a lemon butter sauce


Saltimbocca Alla Romana ~ 20.00

veal medallions with prosciutto ham in marsala demi-glaze sauce


San Giacomo Con Asparagi ~ 21.00

veal medallions with scallops, asparagus & gorgonzola cheese in a cream sauce & baked mozzarella cheese


Vitello Con Gamberi ~ 20.00

veal medallions topped with prawns in a rose sauce



trade in your house vegetables for any pasta creation... add 4






served with house vegetables, except *


* Pollo Alla Parmigiana ~ 19.00

breaded chicken with capicola ham & cheese

in a tomato sauce served with spaghetti napoletana


Pollo Con Funghi ~ 19.00

breaded chicken in a fresh mushroom sauce


* Pollo Stefania ~ 19.50

chicken breast, pears, parmesan, gorgonzola, curry, cream,

with spinach fettuccine in a tomato sauce


Pollo Al Oscar ~ 20.00

chicken breast topped with prawns & crab meat

in a creamy cheese sauce


Pollo Al Limone ~ 18.50

chicken breast sautéed in a lemon butter sauce



trade in your house vegetables for any pasta creation... add 4




18% Gratuity Will Be Added to Parties of 10 Or More


Prices Do Not Include GST


Prices Subject to Change Without Notice



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